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Our kombuchas


All our drinks are made with fresh fruits, herbs, Dutch dune water and 100% kombucha.



Kraanvogel - Raspberry, Mint, Madame Jeanette,

Raspberry | Mint | Madame Jeanette

The flavour it all started with and the perfect drink for first-time kombucha drinkers. Sweet raspberry and fresh mint meet Madame Jeanette's gentle spice, creating a refreshing taste everyone loves. 

Kraanvogel - Ginger, passionfruit

Ginger | Passionfruit

This sweet, sour and spicy sensation is not only good for your tastebuds. Ginger aids digestion and gives your immune system a helping hand – so whatever the weather, you're ready to take on the day.

Kraanvogel - Apricot, white peach, hibiscus

Apricot | White peach | Hibiscus

All-natural ingredients give this kombucha a fresh, fruity and floral taste. A real fan favourite that's impossible to resist.

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